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Default Locke, Do You Need Help Adding Music?

This is going to sound really impatient of me, but who cares.

Locke, I was wondering if you need any assistance in adding new music. It seems like you're continually "swamped" with your job (And we can all relate), considering the shortage of new music recently. I'm not saying that I'm the one who would be helping (If it's relatively easy, then I presume I could), but maybe this is can be a channel or voice for someone who really wants to.

The music we have now is fantastic, but people might become jaded due to the fact that a certain selection of songs are played over and over from the huge roster of songs. I just want the site to be new and exciting.

Thanks, and sorry to throw this semi-rude post at you.
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Locke Cole
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Hey, this is a question people have asked before. The issue is always time, and in the summer things always slow down around RPGN. Activity will pick up as summer holidays end. We actually have 3 people who are currently working on music submissions, but I think all of us have been enjoying a break from things during the summer months. Our lists (We have two jumbo lists of suggestions, not just on the forums, check the chatroom for further details!) are over 40 pages long, and that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to screening, selecting and converting the music for adding to the database.

The part of our selection process that takes so long is quality control. We try to only add the best tunes from each game. We don't just listen to the songs users suggest, but instead review the whole album (or albums, if the game has many) to find the best tracks. Not all suggestions make it in, but we do try to take suggestions into consideration as much as possible.

Many people think the time consuming part is converting the music or formatting/uploading, but that only takes minutes. Its the whole music selection / quality control process that really takes a long time. We need people who have an ear for the types of music we are looking for, and can use clear judgement when screening games. Music can be good, but not radio good and we need people who can know the difference between the two. Songs need to be enjoyable not only for people who know and love the game, but for those who are hearing the song for the first time.

We do welcome offers for help, but anyone considering offering a hand please be aware that the standards we upkeep are pretty high. We need folks who are open to discussion of selections, and open minded enough to accept that not all songs will make it in. If you think you have what it takes, by all means drop by the chatroom and try to find myself or Kilu and we'll see if we can work something out.
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