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Thumbs up Video Game recommendations

Hey everyone this is going to be the place where you recommend games to others. I just need some more games to play so... yeah...
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Get Pillars of Eternity!
It's the best rpg I have played in a long time.
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If you have yet to try it Warframe seems a good bet, its a F2P with all weapons, characters and items can be achieved without paying any money. Although to get the nice stuff you need in game currency which is called plat (Platinum) but the best news is, is that if you work hard enough you can get the stuff without spending a dime.

Another idea it War thunder, a good PVP WW2 dogfighting/Tank battle game, kind of like world of tanks with planes. Yet again F2P.

this is a little costly and a good processor is needed but ARMA 3, infinite hours of gameplay with (On steam) easy mod access but without steam is still easily moddable.

i remember a console game I used to play called SOCOM. Its a good game that I played on PS2 (Socom 1-3) but have not found for PC.

A solid choice for tactical shooters is Breach and Clear, simple gameplay, easy to learn hard to complete

But in my opinion Black and White is a wonderful game, it's basically where you play god. It's difficult to find but completely worth it if your into sandbox like games.

Sorry if you're not a PC gamer, PC is about all I know with video games.

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What kind of games do you like?
PC: my recommendations are:

7 days to die (Zombie sandbox)
World of Warcraft
League of Legends
Arma 3 for fps type
Rocket league is pretty addicting also.

enjoying right now
Farcry 4
Dragon age inquisition
Fallout series
Elder scrolls Oblivion and Skyrim
Old Console: if you can find!
Suikoden series 1,2,3 I believe are on the Playstation network and can be played on a ps3
amazing series of games. 4 was lackluster, 5 though really brought it back though.
Final fantasy series. enuff said lol.

if you have any preferences as to what types of genre's you like I can point you in the right direction.

Great site by the way! loving the radio. stream it while I am working 8 hours a day pretty much!
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I'll toss my two cents in.

Previous Gens:

Breath of Fire III or IV
For a more traditional JRPG experience. And the main character is a dragon. PS1.
Personal Rating: Your mileage may vary. 6/10 through 9/10.

Breath of Fire V
If you want to play a JRPG/Roguelike hybrid. Short game, but difficult. Has a lot of replayability with new cutscenes unlocked based on how good your last run was. Some exp you earn each run is saved up and carries with you on resets, as does gear in storage. No random encounters, all enemies visible on the field. Enemies do not respawn, so limited resources. Buy bombs/meat/etc to get the advantage in combat, or to avoid combat altogether. PS2. Think you can achieve the highest D-Ratio? Good luck.
Personal Rating: ?/10. Hardly played the game myself, but I watched as a pal of mine master it, and was amazed by several facets of the game. Don't think I could fairly rate it.

Dragon Seeds.
Oh boy, the times I had with this game. It's kind of like a poor man's Monster Rancher, but I still enjoyed it. Catchy soundtrack, if nothing else. Best used as a time-waster. PS1.
Personal Rating: see Breath of Fire III and IV, but with a lower possible range.

Kirby's Epic Yarn.
I am 28 years old. This game gave me diabetes. And I loved it. Wii.
Personal Rating: Shining Time Station Conductor as Narrator/10.

Current Gen:

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.
Do you like fair but difficult boss fights? Do you like crafting your own armor and weapons from the corpses of your fallen enemies? Do you like Dark Souls? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, this game may be for you. Bring one friend along for awesome bro-op stories. Or you could bring 3 friends and most of the fights are pretty trivial. But hey, you gotta hunt to live. 3DS.
Personal Rating: So tasty!

Yo-Kai Watch.
Okay, this one's a little strange. A lot of Pokemon are based off of Japanese mythological creatures. In Yo-Kai Watch, you befriend/capture the original mythological creatures themselves. There are your "to-be-expected" cute ones to drive sales, but some of these designs are "faithful" (I suppose that's the right word) to the look of the original mythological creatures. Like a dog with a homely man's face. Nobody would catch that if it were a Pokemon. The core gameplay is more similar to Dragon Quest Monster 1 and 2. That's Dragon Quest: Joker, to anyone that's played the more recent installments.
Personal Rating: Bad puns/10. I have over 100 Yo-kai registered and not a single one doesn't have a pun or wordplay in its name.
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