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Ghost Marona's Music Hunt Thread: NOW HIRING!

Here I will put a list of soundtracks I am looking for after some serious googling I did in the past.

Quest 64/Eltale Monsters/Holy Magic Century:
There's no official soundtrack out, but a USF rip. However, the USF rip is rigged, therefore there's too much fuzziness going on with the music. I still released a soundtrack with the fuzziness in it in the torrent tracker...since that is the only way to get it. If you could provide a cleaner USF or gamerip with high quality, I would appreciate it!

Hey You, Pikachu!:
The official soundtrack only has 4 tracks. The gamerip I have has all soundtracks, but in 64-128kbs VBR. There is no USF rip out there. If you could provide one, or rip in high quality, I would appreciate it!

.hack//GAMES gamerip (The first four, NOT G.U):
I know there is a perfect collection soundtrack for this, but I'm curious if there is a gamerip provided for it as well. It's not a huge priority for me to find this, but if you come across one, it would be nice (high quality though please.)^^

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