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Locke Cole
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Bunny The Past vs The Future of RPGN

Hey guys, whoever is still around to read this that is!

I spent some time today browsing our site via the Internet Wayback Machine, and saw so many familiar faces in the forum archives... I always wonder how they are doing! Believe it or not, our forums use to be busy with activity and we had actual regular posters It seems however after having the site sleeping for awhile it has entirely halted. I will admit, I am to blame for the inactivity and sometimes I wonder if I will ever be able to kick-start it again.

I browsed the various archives they had for our site, seeing the old site menus and green/blue/yellow on black design, brought back memories of happier RPGN days. I don't regret us moving forward, our new design is clean and crisp, but the site is still hibernating, and I've been struggling with figuring out ideas on how to bring it back. What can we offer, how can we be unique and useful again.

Our new radio solution has been growing in popularity, and I'm happy to see it. Still, I kind of wish I had more then the few refugees left in the chatroom to talk to!

I decided I would just ramble on for abit on here to see if anyone does browse/check for new posts anymore, maybe drop a reply and say hello!
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yeah this was one of the very first sites i came to when i had stable internet use. i miss the old days. i have been neglectful. future will be bright tho. everyone likes video game tunes.
i only went on chat a couple of times
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