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Yeah, I watched it last week - I thought it was good. Definitely better than MI:3. I thought that one was meh.

I do agree with Locke on the gadgets. I would love to be able to get access to the cameras and such, but my problem as an engineer is the reliability of the gadgets, esp the gloves. If they had a chance to fail like that it would have never made it out of my lab. I was also continually wondering 'I really do wonder where they keep the batteries in some of these things? Something like those gloves would love to use a lot of juice'.

Please excuse my ramblings. I guess I think out aloud to much

But yes, good film. Even if it had Tom Cruise. He's a pretty good actor imho, but as a person... well i was told 'if you don't have anything nice to say...'
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