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Originally Posted by DrewciferJ View Post
Use this everyday while browsing the Internet or Grinding in Games! Thanks for the hard work. Some songs I'd love to see added ...
Thanks! We love to hear this sort of thing, that our site is being enjoyed. I've added your requests to our to-do list, and we'll get to them as we can.

I've spent the last week or so almost strictly bug fixing and adding features and error handling to keep our radio running smoother. If anyone is ever curious, you can find information on our latest changes by clicking the "Changelog" link on the updates and statistics page of the radio.

Most notable changes lately would be:

- Fixed a bug that caused the user's saved volume not to load properly, so the first song played each visit would burst at default volume until loaded.

- Changed the playlist generator rules to enforce some randomization when we are being flooded with requests. If the last 2 songs played were both requests, the playlist will toss in a random song. It also makes sure that the random song selected hasn't been heard in awhile, to give each song some air time.

- Feature requests such as auto refreshing on the song history and pending requests page, as well as a push to change the page title to the currently playing song. This way if you are tabbed out or have the window minimized you can quickly see the name of the track.

- Second server configured, should ensure that the radio can handle a lot more traffic now.

We are also working on some changes to our page design / layout in the background, give the site a fresh coat of paint... eventually
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