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Originally Posted by The_Q? View Post
Been addicted to the radio ever since I found it about a week back. Listen from work all the time. Is there a donate button somewhere?

Besides that, Future Cop LAPD please!

First do Track 11:

Then Proving Ground:

Menu Theme thereafter:
Hello! We're glad you've been enjoying the radio

I am curious, how did you stumble upon us? I always wonder how people find us, as we don't really advertise at this point, its mostly Google and word of mouth

We are quite behind on the huge request of suggestions, but we are actively watching this thread, and will get to them as time allows!!

As for your inquiry about a donate button, there is one on the site up near the social media buttons, its a small red piggy bank. Donations are completely optional, the users have been quite generous ever since we began collecting them.

Again, welcome to the community, I hope you will stick around and invite some friends. The more the merrier.
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