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Default Requests

I found this radio station about 2 weeks ago and I've listened to it every day at work. I love the amount of songs, it keeps things fresh. Locke, awesome name and profile pic. The character Locke has always been my favorite too (FFVI is my favorite game of all time btw). Anyways after listening and going through the song list a dozen times, I have some requests:

I would love to see anything from the Dynasty Warriors series and Dragon Age Origins. I know that has already been mentioned, just want to throw another vote for those. Some I haven't seen mentioned:

Enchanted Arms

Iwata Village -

Escape Battle -

Yokohama City Foundation Festival -

Cross Edge

The Grand Design -

Feel My Soul -

Cataclysm and Oracle -

In Mood -

Refuse -

Wall of Crisis -

Blade of Tears -

Out of Ruin Battle -


And please for the love of Celes add this, my favorite...

Mines of Narshe -

Thank you guys for the coolest station on the net.
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