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WizzleSnizzle will become famous soon enough

What kind of games do you like?
PC: my recommendations are:

7 days to die (Zombie sandbox)
World of Warcraft
League of Legends
Arma 3 for fps type
Rocket league is pretty addicting also.

enjoying right now
Farcry 4
Dragon age inquisition
Fallout series
Elder scrolls Oblivion and Skyrim
Old Console: if you can find!
Suikoden series 1,2,3 I believe are on the Playstation network and can be played on a ps3
amazing series of games. 4 was lackluster, 5 though really brought it back though.
Final fantasy series. enuff said lol.

if you have any preferences as to what types of genre's you like I can point you in the right direction.

Great site by the way! loving the radio. stream it while I am working 8 hours a day pretty much!
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