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Originally Posted by iyuaeo View Post
Just found this site and wanted to say thanks for all the work in setting this station up! Now I have something to listen to all day at work.

Here are three songs that I could not find in the database and I believe would be good additions:

Borderlands 2: Highlands Combat/Terramorphous Battle (

Final Fantasy XII: The Zertinan Caverns (

Half-Life 2: Apprehension and Evasion (

Ancillary question: I see that some members have joined in 2004 and yet this forum only has 305 posts in total?! Did the site get taken down sometime in the past and what I am seeing now is a recently rebooted backup?
Hey, and welcome to RPGN! Glad to hear our tunes are helping pass the day at work. I wish I could listen at work too I will certainly add those songs to our recommendation list (which is growing quite large o_O)

As for the 2004 question, indeed our site has gone through a lot of phases. First online back in 1996, we were just a little rpg fan site on Geocities :P In 2000, we purchased the domain name and started to tidy up a bit. For a long time we were a go-to source for video game tunes via our many user-run servers. Eventually the file sharing world changed, and for quite awhile our site kind of just sat taking up space on the net, without much of a plan of updates. In early 2012, I was finally inspired to try and make this place useful again, so I started working on developing our own custom scripts that make up our radio system today. It developed into more then I had first visioned for sure.

Our forums were quite active back in the day, and many of our long-term users didn't want to see their names wiped from our member listing so they were imported when we wiped the forums clean for a fresh start. Unfortunately, the site was still asleep, and its been a slow climb. Starting to come alive though!

Probably more then you were asking, but there it is. I try to find the time to keep everything updated in my spare time, and so far it's worked out well. However I am busy a lot, so that's why updates can sometimes be slow, but we do appreciate all the feedback we're getting from our listeners lately. Keep it coming
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