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kuxiz will become famous soon enough

I'd like to see something from this
Jets N' Guns <- Shop Music is a must imo.
Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within <- Badass music ALL THE TIME.
Street Fighter x Tekken <- Especially Rival + Tutorial music
Guilty Gear XX# Reload <- I saw what there are a bit of tracks here, but i guess adding those isn't a big problem. Thus - they're good on teh radio.
Devil May Cry 4 <- Awesome game, awesome sounds.
Devil May Cry 3 <- Same as above. You got Vergil Battle 1, but the game itself contains a lot more... better music, than VB1.
DmC: Devil May Cry <- Wub-wub-wub here. Check Lilith's Club asap.
Undying <- I'm kinda failed to find "not-1-video-all-sounds", take this. Main theme is a good thing to get on this radio. Again. Imo.
Dynasty Warriors 6 - March

tl;no (too long;not opened, lel)
Add this ones

Dynasty Warriors 6 - March
Dizzy Theme GGXX#R
Baiken Theme GGXX#R
Dante Theme #2 DMC4
Echidna Theme DMC4
Battle Theme #1 DmC: Devil May Cry
Sanctus Theme #1 DMC4
Baroque and Beats DMC4
Sanctus Theme #2 DMC4
Lilith's Club DmC: Devil May Cry
Main Theme from Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within(POP:WW next time)
Tower Encounter POP:WW
At War with Kaileena POP:WW
Conflict of the Griffins POP:WW
Tutorial Theme SFxTK
Victory Theme #2 SFxTK
Victory Theme #1 SFxTK
Ogre Boss Stage SFxTK
Rival Theme SFxTK
Akuma Boss Stage SFxTK
Training Stage SFxTK
Doppelganger Battle Theme DMC3
Vergil Battle 2 DMC3
Shop Music JN'G
Right Behind You TF2
Art Of War TF2

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