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Originally Posted by poptya View Post
Hello, and welcome. We do have some Terraria songs already available, but we'll review it again and see if we missed any good choices. Any specific tracks that you really like?

Originally Posted by GrnTigr View Post
Would it be possible to add an option to skip songs? I like most of what's being played already, but some of it I either don't want to listen to, or don't really know the games that they come from very well, so they have no interest to me. If you could do that, it would be great.
Hello! We understand that people won't necessarily like every song they hear on the RPGN radio, we try to be selective in which songs get added to the database but everyone has their own tastes. Unfortunately as this does operate much like any radio station, there is no way to skip ahead or change the songs on demand. This is not an interactive playlist, but a streaming radio If you do find any songs inappropriate or especially annoying, we do take comments to that regard, and can review those songs and consider their fate.
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