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estatistics 04-06-2019 08:59 AM

Songs in PC Games | My list
FULL THROTTLE --- Gone Jackals - Legacy
Phantasmagoria --- Consumite Furore" by Mark Seibert
7th Guest ---- The Fat Man and Team Fat
Tex's Murphy --- Pandora's Directive - Tex's Lament - Richie Havens | Body and Soul - Nicole Tindall
Runaway --- Liquor - Vera Dominguez
Outcast --- "you die" - Lennie Moore - Performed by Moscow Symphony Orchestra and Choir
Freddy Pharkas --- Freddy Pharkas song - Josh Mandel
Rent A Hero ----- Rent A Hero song - Annalene Rahbari, Nana Walzer
Final Fantasy VIII ---- Eyes On Me - Faye Wong
Gabriel Knight 2 ---- OPERA - Music composed by Robert Holmes.

"MGS 3 also has a song called Snake Eater
Redneck Rampage and its add-ons (at least the "Rides Again") one came with brilliant sountracks with mostly songs on them
Shadow Warrior: Lo Wang's rap, played in the credits
Mafia had a cover of Lake of Fire (about gangsters), again, in the credits"
Portal and Portal 2 as well.
Bastion has several songs I think.
" (by LotBlind in theunderdogs forukm)

Thanks LotBlind by suggesting me that forum.

Elias Tsolis

estatistics 04-06-2019 09:00 AM

How Can I contribute to Lyrics of Pc Game Songs?

Most of the above PC games do not exist in the
Lyrics senction.. http://www.rpgamers.net/lyrics/

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