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What are the site rules for the RPGamers Network forums?
Please read the following conditions to using our discussion forum. The moderators try to keep the boards friendly and fun, and at the same time help avoid any potential problems. Please help us keep it that way by following these simple rules:

  • don't use the forums to spam. (have a website? use your signature space)
  • don't harass other users.
  • don't post anything racist, foul or otherwise inappropriate.
  • any flaming or attempted 'flame' wars will be edited or removed.
  • any site vs. site, 'this site sucks, that site rules' posts will be edited or removed.
  • moderators have the right to edit or remove posts they feel are inappropriate.
  • respect other users and our admin and moderator team.
  • keep your password safe. Your account is for you, and you only. Registration is free, so if a friend wants to post, get them to signup!
  • if you are posting something that might spoil a game or movie for someone, please use the [sp] tag or the :spoiler: icon.
  • please try to keep the number of images per post to 10 or so. This includes emoticons (smilies).
  • please don't post useless replies such as '100th post!' etc. without posting something worthwhile. Try to contribute to the thread in some way.
  • don't double post. If there is something you wish to add, edit the original post. Give someone else a chance to reply before posting again.
  • need help quickly? Check the IRC chatroom for a moderator.
  • use as proper English as you can so that everyone can understand you. (No l33t sp34k, ALL CAPS, RoTaTeD cApS, wuts up 2day, etc)
  • don't provide links to game roms, ISOs, cracks or serials on the public forum.
  • don't abuse these rules at any time.
Avatar and Signature Rules:
  • no nudity or gore in your images
  • avatars may be animated as long as appropriate
  • maximum size is 100x100 pixels, and 100kb
  • maximum signature image size is 500x100 and 100kb
  • please limit the number of external links in your signature to 3 or less

What are the user ranks of the RPGamers Network forums?
This is the list of all known user ranks in the RPGamers Network forums. The number represents the minimum post count required to achieve the rank in question. The list will be updated as more ranks are revealed.

  • Adventurer (0)
  • Hunter (15)
  • Thief (40)
  • Dancer (75)
  • Bard (125)
  • Berserker (200)
  • Trainer (325)
  • Knight (500)
  • ???? (???)

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