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04-06-2012, 11:55 AM
I basically cook my family's suppers around the house. I got a mom who can't have fattening foods, cause she gets sick later on. I got a dad with diabetes and a sensitive blood sugar, so I can only cook stuff with natural sugar and can't cook too many carbs. And for me...well...too much sugar gets me sick...so it's complicated.

It's hard for me to find a decent meal for everyone to eat, but I manage to get ideas from most recipes and spruce them up a bit to make it more healthy. Here are the kind of foods I cook:

Chicken Piccatta(basically pan-fried chicken with a lemon caper sauce.)
Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu(got this from campbell's. Usually Cream of Chicken and Mushroom soup with sauteed chicken with diced ham with melted swiss cheese.)
Shrimp and Beef Fajitas (uncooked peeled and deveined shrimp with a Fajita Seasoning pack. I buy the ready-to-eat Beef Fajita packs in the fridge section and I cook with the remainder of the fajita sauce in it. Sides are mexican rice and fat-free refried beans. My mom and dad usually get light sour cream and small guacamole packs to go with it.)
Beef Enchiladas (Cooked ground beef with taco seasoning. After I cook the beef and drain, I simmer it with the taco seasoning mix for about 7 minutes for the flavors to get in the meat. I buy the already-made enchilada sauce and burrito-size flour tortillas. After pouring the enchilada sauce, I put shredded mexican cheese on top and put it under the broiler to heat up the sauce and make some areas of the tortilla crispy(plus melted cheese.)
Orange Chicken (I'm always looking for new chinese recipes...because I love it now...yet most sauces are sugar spiked, which is bad for me and my dad. So this recipe uses natural sugar (I cut the brown sugar by half and use the Splenda blended one). It's a complicated recipe, so if you're interested, ask)
General Tso's Chicken (General Tso's is the worst chinese food served by restuarants (cuz of sugar and fat), but this one is simplified. This one is more of a spicy chinese dish than sweet. Another complicated recipe. If interested, ask.)

I know some recipes could have a pasta side, so I use De Bole's pasta, which is made with artichoke flour and doesn't give a blood sugar spike like most pastas. If you can't find that, get Rozino's(or something) smart taste. Has fiber with the same taste as white pasta.

I have more recipes...but I'll wait.:hungry:

Locke Cole
04-07-2012, 06:00 PM
Oh you hit one of my favourite topics, food! I too love to cook. I was one of those guys who didn't take cooking class in high-school just to hang out with the girls :P I'm pretty good at making some stuff, even if I can be a bit impatient with the more complicated recipes.

I like to cook simple, tasty food but I am not afraid to get into baking and such too. Usually I do most of the shared cooking around the apartment here with my roommates, but we are not very unique, and its usually a pasta dish. Rotini, spaghetti, mac+cheese with ground beef or meatballs... basic, simple, feed everyone stuff. I do love most pastas, anything covered in cheese, beef and chicken are favourites... I could probably go on for awhile about what I like to cook :P I just wish I could get the patience to make more complex meals, but its usually all about what can feed everyone fast.... yeah, I'm lazy. :D